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format: 4038888888

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In submitting this application, you authorize Mortgagepro Ltd. and Private Lender Inc., and/or its assignees to obtain reports containing credit and/or personal information as required for the purpose of determining credit worthiness. All information that is obtained is strictly confidential.

When MortgagePRO Ltd. acts as a Refferal source to CHIP Home Income Plan, provided by HomEquity Bank, a Schedule I Canadian Bank. I direct MortgagePRO Ltd. to submit this completed Client Referral to HomEquity Bank. I confirm that the client information above has been provided by me and that it is correct. I authorize HomEquity Bank to (1) disclose to MortgagePRO Ltd. details of my CHIP Home Income Plan so that MortgagePRO Ltd. may serve me better, including assisting me with investing the funds (where applicable) and/or (2) provide to MortgagePRO Ltd., if requested, copies of my CHIP Home Income Plan documentation so that MortgagePRO Ltd. can maintain its records as required by internal policy or regulation. I have been informed that HomEquity Bank and MortgagePRO Ltd. have a referral agreement under which HomEquity Bank pays a fee to MortgagePRO Ltd. if I obtain a CHIP Home Income Plan, however I might be paying a fee direct to MortgagePRO Ltd. dependent on my situation and compexity of my file, requires extra work ie: financial advise, credit fixing and other professional services. I consent to HomEquity Bank contacting me by mail, phone or electronic message to discuss obtaining a CHIP Home Income Plan. I understand that I may withdraw my consent at any time.

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