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Our Team Members who have contributed immensely to our Growth
John Doe

Mr. Zoltan M. Padar


Broker/President with decades of experience as a direct private mortgage lender and Real Estate Investor, providing private mortgages in the most difficult situations for borrowers with issues. Also he is the creator of

Josh Clark

Mr. Konstantin Kuligin

Senior MortgagePRO

Konstantin's passion; mortgages. He is a Real Estate Investor, Private Mortage Lender and a Mortgage Broker. His Professional experience dealing with a situation helps him to be able to go where other just dream: approval for people with issues.

Zoltan J. Padar

Mr. Zoltan J. Padar

Associate MortgagePRO

Mortgage associate, Realtor, and investor. After receiving his B.Comm. from the UofA Zoltan joined MortgagePro as an associate. Seeing a gap in the industry, he also obtained his Real Estate license and is currently an associate with CIR Realty. Contact Zoltan today for a seamless real estate experience!

Zoltan J. Padar

Mr. Dennis Becker

Senior MortgagePRO

Mr. Becker has over 30 years experience in Private Lending. He is well connected across Canada and has an impressive list of his own Private Lenders, enabling him to fund requests when others cannot provide suitable solutions.